l   专家的安排会根据实际情况做出调整,望参与者理解与配合。

l   专家的安排将基于先到先得的原则。报名时间越早,将更有机会与您期待的专家见面。

l   审核通过后,我们将通过电话来通知您确认预约,并提供付款方式(淘宝/支付宝/微信);我们收到您的付款后,您将会获得一份关于会议流程更详细的介绍。

l   由于专家见面会活动行程的安排紧凑,一经收款,将不给予退换。请确保参与者及时到达并遵照行程安排参与见面会。

l   每次会议限20分钟。请遵照行程安排,提前准备见面会所需材料,并有效的完成作品讨论。

l   每一位参与的摄影师都将获得一张专家见面会活动所颁发的官方证书。

l   当天将为出席者提供小食,饮料和饮用水。请注意,活动不包含午餐。

l   参与者无需额外购买“2016 集美X阿尔勒国际摄影季门票,当您在现场签到后,工作人员会附送上门票。

l   更多资讯请关注:http://threeshadows-edu.cn

l   咨询电话:180 3013 7230 / 0592637 2135



Other details:

         Experts’ availability is subject to change, we appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

         Participants will select reviewers on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get meetings with your desired experts.

         We will inform you by phone / mail to confirm your reservation and provide the payment method (Taobao / Alipay / WeChat). After we receive your payment, you will be provided with specific instructions on how to proceed with scheduling your meetings.

         Due to the time-sensitive nature of scheduling the Photo Folio Reviews, no refunds will be permitted. Please make sure to arrive on time and adhere to the schedule.

         Meetings are limited to 20 minutes each. Please be respectful of the schedule and be prepared to present and discuss your work quickly and efficiently.

         Each participating photographer will receive an official certificate to verify his/her participation in the Photo Folio Review.

         Light snacks, beverages, and water will be available for participants to help themselves throughout the day. Please note that lunch will not be provided.

         Participants do not need to purchase "2016 Jimei X Arles International Photography Festival" tickets, when you sign in at the front desk, the ticket will be sent by staff.

         For more information, please visit: http://threeshadows-edu.cn

         Inquiries: 180 3013 7230 / 0592 - 637 2135


Three Shadows Educational Program reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.